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I am an independent photographer with a varied range of skills. All of my education was based in particle physics and it culminates with my Ph.D in 2010. But since I was a kid my passion for art has always remained.

I have been practicing photography from a young age and started with my manual Olympus made in the 70s. During high school I took photography classes in the dark room and have continued to print and develop images in my own dark room since. I have strong dark room skills and a broad experience in film development. Not satisfied with conventional photography, I started to explore with multimedia techniques.


In 2000 I started to use digital cameras. Since doing so I have come to appreciate the potential and diversity allowed by digital cameras. However, I continue to think in analogue. This gives my photographs a style unique and particular to me. During my photography career I have presented many exhibitions and won awards. I was also the official photographer for Mishima, a well-known Spanish rock band.

For few years I was one of the residencies at the Food Court in Melbourne. The Food Court is an exhibition and Arts project space for emerging and established artists. I had my own photo studio, including a dark room, inside a old industrial fridge. I was also running workshops about analog and digital photography.

NOW DARKROOM WORKSHOPS at the Schoolhouse studio (28 Victoria St, Coburg VIC 3058, Australia ) For more info and registration contact me.

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