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Get "good mould" on your wall ! 

Hurry up, this is an amazing opportunity to have "good mould" on your house wall. Usually I don't sell arts, but at the same time I would like to spread as much I can these natural master pieces. The best way to show them is a slide projector but obviously this is complicated. A valid option is the sublimation print technique on aluminium plate. The results of these prints are incredible.  
Prints are sold on a first come, first served basis, you can acquire:

Sublimation print size 40x60cm    300$ 
Sublimation print size 50x75cm    400$ 
Sublimation print size 60x90cm    500$

The price may change as the serial number increases. Currency in AUD, price included shipping in Australia or overseas (Asia, Europe, USA, ... )
If you would like to order an image or get more details, please feel free to contact me. Don't also hesitate to contact me if you would like to be moulded, we can arrange a slide photo shooting.
When buying an art work, you explicitly agree with the terms and conditions of the Non-Exclusive License Agreement.
Back To The Mould collection remains under copyright. If needed, the credit/copyright text to be used is “BackToTheMould©2020”.
Guaranteed for 200 years, the degradation of mould is fixed forever, seeing is believing.
Each print is provided of metal brackets on the back to easy hang it.
On the back will be also printed a certification and warranty with the details of the print, sign of the artist, date, original slide before the muld and serial print number (see the facsimile picture below). 
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Matteo Volpi

Thank you! Your request have been sent.

A limited edition of 15 or 30 copies of each image is being offered for sale to the public. Back To The Mould collection is printed on Chromaluxe® aluminium plate, using the Subligraphie® process. A special press at 6 bars allows the materials to be brought to a temperature of 200°C to sublimate the inks in the metal (more info).

The result is a long-lasting, lightweight, fireproof, waterproof, scratch-proof and UV-resistant print and the last but not least mould-proof.   

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